Recall: Gazzetta Football Italia

Straight out the top draw of TV sports programmes, Gazzetta Football Italia is regarded by many as the finest football show ever created. During its ten years (1992-2002) on Channel 4, it is deeply embedded in the memories of a generation of football fans.

Opening Titles

The opening title sequence is a masterpiece in its own right. The song featured is “I’m Stronger Now” by Definitive Two. The final word dubbed over the track, “Golaço!”, was widely misheard and repeated as “Goal Lazio” by fans of the show.

Paper Talk

The star of the show was James Richardson. Originally a producer, he quickly became the regular anchor after Paul Gascoigne failed to show up for filming. He is fondly remembered for his legendary weekly trawl through the football stories from Italian newspapers, while sat outside a charming cafe enjoying a cappuccino and a generous helping of cake or ice cream. Richardson’s smooth, seamless, articulate and witty delivery was a refreshing change from the cliché ridden ramblings often served up on football shows.

Gazzetta featured an interview piece with Richardson and a Sirie A player, often containing an element of humour. Highlights of the previous weekend’s action, narrated by commentary heavy-weight KennethWolstenholm, were played inbetween each feature.


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