How to pronounce Etien Velikonja

Et-ee-en Veh-lick-on-ya

How to pronounce Etien Velikonja.


Reality of a Job

Looking for a job

You should think about what you are interested in and look for a career there…

The Interview

Prepare well and you will


You begin your new job with gusto…

You master the ropes, this is EASY!


But your boss is a moron…


Your co-workers are grinding you down…


Despite your best efforts to stay entertained…


Then it hits you…


Watch and learn folks:

Get Inspired: Josh Sundquist

Diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer when he was nine years old, Josh Sundquist had his left leg amputated a year later. As a child he felt so self-conscious he was afraid to go to a public swimming pool in case other people stared at him.



“Everyone who says ‘oh it’s fake, he doesn’t really have one leg, or there’s no way someone can make that kind of physical transformation… To be honest I kind of think that some people look at it and they are like, this is so unbelievable, it’s too good to be true, and in some ways they don’t want to admit that it is a possibility for a person to do that… because if it was then they might have a responsibility to get in really good shape themselves.”