Revoluseans I: Non-alcoholic alternatives in pubs

“Use the revenue of a minimum price on alcohol to subsidise non-alcoholic beers in pubs.”


It is difficult to find pubs in Britain that serve non-alcoholic lager and cider. The reason appears to be simple economics, that is, there is insufficient demand for the product.

In these tough economic times, it is the perfect opportunity to economically engineer improved social habits. Treat people to a cheaper, non-alcoholic alternative. Demand will increase. If this demand reaches a critical point, pubs will make it a default position to stock non-alcoholic lager and cider. Over time, socialising with non-alcoholic lager/cider will be normalised.

Individuals and society will win.



Apple Maps Meme

Apple Maps

Apple Maps Suck

Apple Maps suck.

Spatial Literacy: Peters vs Mercator

From my personal experience, the spatial literacy of people I come across is down right appalling. It really irks me when someone shows a pitiful understanding of our world. Even worse are people who seem to be proud to be stupid. These people are insecure about their lack of knowledge. They don’t want to learn.

In an interconnected world, it is even more important that we have a good understanding about out physical context. Lets start with something as basic as how big or small countries and continents area according to their land area. To understand something as simple as this requires the correct tool, i.e. a map that represents the correct land area of every single country and continent. It should be common knowledge that a sphere cannot be represented exactly in 2D. One of the characteristics, of area, shape or direction, must be sacrificed. So, the correct tool in this case is the world mapped using the Peters projection. However, because most people are happily unaware of this notion, they will look at a Mercator projection and believe Greenland is bigger than Africa.

Land Area: Peters vs Mercator


This is cartographic colonialism. The use of Mercators undermine how massive Africa is, and thus undermines its importance in the world. The USA is insignificant in size compared to Africa. Europe is insignificant in size compared to Africa.

Its time the ignorant majority start to learn the basics. Unless you are planning to sail around the world in a small wooden ship at some point in your life, Mercator map is redundant to you.

Whenever you can, use a Peters Map. If their is a Mercator in your school or place of work, tear it down and put up a Peters.


The Cost of Voting


In a democracy all citizens have the right to vote.

In some democracies, such as the USA, each citizen needs a photo ID in order to vote.

The economic cost of a photo ID is negligible or affordable for most citizens in the USA. By implication, the economic cost of a photo ID is unaffordable for a small but significant number of citizens.

The economic cost of a photo ID is a barrier to voting.

The right to vote has an economical value.

An 18 year old man from a very poor family, who has knuckled down through school, cannot afford a photo ID.

He cannot vote.

The state has a moral obligation to ensure the rights of its people. The state should ensure all of its citizens are able to vote. 

The Fable of Delingpole Bear

Delingpole Bear has an itch called Climachangitis. He believes everyone who advises that his itch will just go away. If only he could see that making a patchwork quilt from subjective opinions favourable to his own is not a constructive means to curing his itch. The itch has been studied by thousands of owls (scientists), who report their findings in rigorously peer reviewed papers, which are published in full in scientific journals.

However, Delingpole Bear not only refuses to read their findings and heed their advice because of his egotistical tendencies, he writes narcissistic books discrediting their lives’ work. So sad and deranged. Poor Delingpole.

The morals: Massaging your ego will not cure your itch. Ask in the right place and you get a proper answer.