The Fable of Delingpole Bear

Delingpole Bear has an itch called Climachangitis. He believes everyone who advises that his itch will just go away. If only he could see that making a patchwork quilt from subjective opinions favourable to his own is not a constructive means to curing his itch. The itch has been studied by thousands of owls (scientists), who report their findings in rigorously peer reviewed papers, which are published in full in scientific journals.

However, Delingpole Bear not only refuses to read their findings and heed their advice because of his egotistical tendencies, he writes narcissistic books discrediting their lives’ work. So sad and deranged. Poor Delingpole.

The morals: Massaging your ego will not cure your itch. Ask in the right place and you get a proper answer.