The Cost of Voting


In a democracy all citizens have the right to vote.

In some democracies, such as the USA, each citizen needs a photo ID in order to vote.

The economic cost of a photo ID is negligible or affordable for most citizens in the USA. By implication, the economic cost of a photo ID is unaffordable for a small but significant number of citizens.

The economic cost of a photo ID is a barrier to voting.

The right to vote has an economical value.

An 18 year old man from a very poor family, who has knuckled down through school, cannot afford a photo ID.

He cannot vote.

The state has a moral obligation to ensure the rights of its people. The state should ensure all of its citizens are able to vote. 


Save Us – Ian Brown

Save us from imbeciles who think they rule the world

Save us from hypocrites whose twisted plans unfurl

Save us from warmongers who’d bring on Armageddon

Save us from all of those whose eyes are closed

To the plight of the African child

Rights and Responsibilities

We live in a time of flux. People in the West have grown accustomed to a my rights culture. My rights at the cost of anything else. My rights regardless of the consequences. What has changed is how far reaching those consequences are. If Nakoula Basseley Nakoula had made that rancid, hateful film in 1975, who would see it? A handful of people. But its 2012, where literally millions of people can see it in minutes. Persistently abusing the right to free speech is a chicken coming home to roost.

Its time for people in the West to grow up. We have a responsibility to exercise sound judgement. Before you make a provocative film, picture, cartoon, or statement, ask some questions about yourself. Do you actually know what you’re talking about? Are you willing to put your own name and face on what you’ve made? Are you happy to sign off your creation by saying “hello, I am responsible for the content of this film/picture/statement”?


Then think again. In this instance, forget your human right and respect your human responsibility.

The Fable of Delingpole Bear

Delingpole Bear has an itch called Climachangitis. He believes everyone who advises that his itch will just go away. If only he could see that making a patchwork quilt from subjective opinions favourable to his own is not a constructive means to curing his itch. The itch has been studied by thousands of owls (scientists), who report their findings in rigorously peer reviewed papers, which are published in full in scientific journals.

However, Delingpole Bear not only refuses to read their findings and heed their advice because of his egotistical tendencies, he writes narcissistic books discrediting their lives’ work. So sad and deranged. Poor Delingpole.

The morals: Massaging your ego will not cure your itch. Ask in the right place and you get a proper answer.

Enquiry to the Foreign Office Regarding the Crisis in Mali

What is the Foreign Secretary doing about the crisis in Mali?

The situation is very similar to Afghanistan in the 1990’s. Surely if we are to learn one lesson it is that preventing the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa securing their authority is the only solution. They are destroying the UNESCO World Heritage city of Timbuktu, obliterating evidence of an Islamic civilisation built on trade, openness and tolerance. This is heartbreaking.

However, the danger posed to our country by this extremist coup is surely greater than any we faced from Afghanistan. The flow of immigrants from west and north Africa into Mediterranean Europe if a well known issue. Innocent immigrants looking for a better life is one thing, but surely allowing a rouge extremist regime access to this back door network is something to be extinguished immediately.

What is our position? What actions are the Foreign office taking? What actions have been taken?

I thank you in advance for helpful correspondence.